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Our case studies demonstrate our commitment to quality service and workmanship, and broad range of experience and capabilities delivered across diverse industries and multiple project types.

We invite you to browse our library of case studies and determine for yourself if MJK’s innovative ideas and cost effective solutions are in alignment with your needs.

Commercial and Industrial Fueling/Product Storage

MJK provides complete concept development, design, construction, compliance, testing, service and maintenance services to its commercial and industrial fueling and product storage clients. We take pride in providing our clients with concept through compliance solutions in this highly regulated field of fuel and materials storage.

For over twenty (20) years, MJK has designed and installed hundreds of commercial and industrial storage tank systems including fueling for truck stop and fleet facilities, fire water storage for hotels, chemical storage for manufacturing, emergency fuel storage for backup generator systems at hotels and telecommunications facilities, aviation and locomotive fueling systems.

Our fueling and product storage clients rely upon our innovative ideas and professional solutions to assist them in the development of systems which are reliable, easy to maintain, and designed to provide years of continuous service. Contact us today and see how we can solve your greatest fueling and product storage challenges.

Compliance Management

Staying abreast of constantly changing regulations across multiple jurisdictions in multiple states, and ever-evolving equipment, processes, and requirements can be an overwhelming challenge to even the most adept property owners. Often carrying heavy fines, penalties and onerous restrictions non-compliance can have a severe financial impact on your business.

Our understanding of the interactions of various agencies and the nuanced applicability of countless and seemingly conflicting regulations provides MJK’s clients with an accomplished and experienced partner that provides cost-effective, proven and reliable compliance services making it easy to stay in compliance.

Tenant Improvements

MJK originally started our business twenty years ago as a tenant improvement contractor providing commercial clients with space conversions and reuse modifications. Throughout our history, we have remained active in this area, providing design layout, permitting, and complete build-out services for both high-end luxury spaces as well as general retail space development.

Our work often includes electrical, plumbing, ADA modifications, flooring, drywall, data center installations, and asbestos removal. Our experience provides our clients with a single source for all their space modification needs.

Cal OSHA Remodel

Project: Remodel an existing office space to accommodate additional personnel. Scope included installation of new walls, electrical work, door installation and flooring replacement. Challenge: The words CAL

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Commercial Uniform Company

Project: This project required the conversion of an existing 100,000 square foot computer chip manufacturing plant to a uniform manufacturing plant capable of providing cutting, sewing,

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Designing and installing aviation fueling systems is one of our specialties. With in-house staff who have been directly involved with the invention and manufacturing of specialized fueling system components used by industry over the past 40 years, we have unique capabilities in this area.

Well versed in the requirements of working in municipal and international airport locations coupled with our familiarity and experience with the specialized equipment and safety precautions required in this arena, MJK stands as one of the few contractors in the area capable of undertaking these projects. In addition , our experience with aviation support services such a car rental facilities on adjacent properties positions MJK as a single source solution to many of the aviation industry’s needs.

Toyota Airflite

Project: In a proactive stewardship of environmental issues, the client desired to replace existing piping. Facility use changes required a redesign of fuel system controls, and

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Locomotive Facilities

Whether high speed commuter rail, transcontinental passenger rail or diversified commodities rail lines, MJK has worked at numerous railroad facilities in the area. Providing remediation services, pipeline installation and design/build of high capacity fueling systems, MJK offers a diverse range of experiences to our railroad clients.

Current regulations governing the fueling industry are mostly geared toward retail fueling and oftentimes do not address the specialized needs of the railroad customer. MJK has worked closely with regulatory agencies to resolve these differences insuring compliance and appropriate application of technologies to these high delivery rate systems. With the fueling component market geared to low volume fuel dispensing, MJK recently worked with component manufacturers to develop specialized parts necessary to meet system needs and regulatory demands.

Some of our most unique projects have come from our work at railroad facilities. With stringent operational and safety restrictions, MJK provides a unique mix of capabilities to this industry with leading design innovations and professional installations.

Retail Fueling

Well accomplished in the retail fueling market, MJK has installed some of the largest single site fueling facilities in California and Nevada. From multi-tenant, 96 dispenser facilities to small 3 dispenser installations, MJK has a tremendous amount of experience in this arena.

Trucking industry, car rental and general retail fueling clients, find that MJK’s broad experience in retail fueling provides them with a sole source for timely, professional services.

Consolidated Car Rental

Project: This award winning 80 acre, $170 million facility, located 3 miles from McCarran International Airport represents one of the most convenient and advanced car rental

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Costco – Retail Fueling

Project: Install automotive fueling facilities at a new development site. Installation at large retail fueling facilities is a specialty for MJK as our crews have built

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Hospitals, Hotels, Telecommunications Emergency Generator Systems

The very nature of emergency backup generator systems is to provide life preserving support of operations to insure the continued safety of the public. We take our work very seriously in this arena because the reliability of our work may mean the difference between life and death of countless innocent individuals.

Over the past 20 years, MJK has served various emergency generator systems owners with professional design, remediation, regulatory compliance and installation services in support of their operations. With our experience encompassing a full range skills often needed to complete these installations, MJK is the most diverse contractor serving this sector with in-house capabilities. With most work in this arena requiring continuous, uninterrupted operation of critical systems, MJK has a long standing reputation for providing efficient and professional execution of our work without impacting these systems and minimizing disruption of general facility operations and maintaining our clients ‘productivity.

Whether providing backup power to telecommunications operations, hospitals, or guest-packed hotels, unfailing reliability of the emergency generator system in any given facility is an absolute requirement. MJK has designed and installed hundreds of emergency backup generator fueling systems throughout California and Nevada. Insuring that an on-going surgery is completed safely, that the lighted path from a multi-story building is maintained, or that critical communications are available during power outages, MJK takes immense pride in our work in this area.

MJK’s clients depend on our expertise to provide them with a system that is easily maintained, easy to operate, and above all, reliable. When critical operations count, our clients count on MJK.

Alternative Fueling

Alternative fuel comes in many forms, from E-85 popular in the mid-west, to biodiesel, and CNG, we are always searching to more efficient, less expensive methods to fuel our vehicles. MJK has historically been involved in these alternative fueling technologies, and maintains vigilant watch of the industry to insure we are familiar with developing ideas and techniques.

Environmental Construction/Remediation Projects

Shortly after our company began operations, we became heavily involved in the environmental construction industry, providing clean up and remediation of properties. Our work in this arena has spanned nearly twenty years, and our in-depth experience diverse.

We have installed recovery systems and cleaned up free floating products ranging from corn syrup at an ice cream manufacturing plant, crude oil, diesel and gasoline, solvents and chemicals of all sorts.

We have removed mercury from the testing grounds of our country’s military bases, lead from former manufacturing plants, asbestos from aging buildings, hundreds of thousands of tons of contaminated soils, and hundreds upon hundreds of leaking underground fuel tanks.

Our company was the first member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in the nation to require every employee (including apprentice carpenters) to complete 40 hour hazardous materials training. Our staff was featured in a UBC-sponsored video touting the need and benefits to this in-depth, hands-on, field based training.

Our work in this arena set the standard of health and safety practices for our company and our employees.


MJK has extensive experience in a multitude of shoring disciplines, from sheet pile, z-sheet, wale frame, box, slide rail, jack and beam, and hydraulic jack methodologies, we have installed them all.

Whether working to stabilize a hillside home, provide access under multi-story college dormitory, hold back high ground water, or to simply provide safe excavation entry for workers, MJK has provided shoring services for two decades.

Shoring High Groundwater

Project: Replace underground fuel tanks and install brine system to support facility operations center. Challenge: This multi-story facility is located in an area of high ground water

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Shoring Safe Entry

Project: Shore an excavation to facilitate underground fuel tank installation adjacent to multi story buildings. Challenges: Because of the proximity to a multi-story building, and the overall

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