Shoring High Groundwater

Project: Replace underground fuel tanks and install brine system to support facility operations center.

Challenge: This multi-story facility is located in an area of high ground water (2’ bsg) requiring installation of specialized shoring and constant water control measures. Of greater challenge was the proximity of our work to the surgical and maternity centers of this major hospital. Work had to be coordinated to insure that vibration and noise from our work did not impact scheduled surgeries or upset maternity patients.

MJK Solution: MJK worked with engineers to design a shoring plan which could prevent intrusion of water into the work area over an extended period of time. MJK brought in a temporary aboveground storage tank, and installed pumps which operated 24/7 to keep water pumped out of the excavation. We coordinated with hospital personnel on surgical schedules, and conscientiously focused on noise reduction measures in an effort to minimize disturbance to patients.