MJK Construction, Inc. offers services in a vast number of industries. All projects, regardless of size or complexity, are appointed a qualified MJK manager to be on-site at all times during the course of the project. We work directly with you to bring about cost-effective solutions to a problem - or prevent a problem from happening, without needless delays. This direct access to decisive management and prompt action has been a cornerstone of MJK's operations and is the key to our continued success.
“The efforts of your staff have allowed us to meet our State mandated compliance requirements and deadlines, without interruption of fuel dispensing which is essential to our fleet of emergency vehicles. We look forward to working with your company in the future.”
Holly Imier, Management Analyst
Department of Public Works, City of Pasadena
“Since 1988 I’ve worked with Michael Kissick at MJK on jobs which included tank removals, soil excavation and transportation, and site construction with good results each time. His knowledge of the construction business and his years of experience contribute to a well organized job site.”
Taylor Waters, Project Geologist
International Technology Corporation
“Your personal effort and attention to detail during the remodeling of our corporate offices and main warehouse was the prime ingredient in our meeting the scheduled move in date.”
William Ott, President
Brookhurst Inc.
“MJK Construction, under the direction of Earth Technology, has removed or abandoned almost 120 Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) at the Edwards Air Force Base... I commend you and your firm for a job well done.”
John Kaczmarski
The Earth Technology Corporation
“You maintained a professional attitude and a well coordinated crew throughout the project. We are happy with the new offices...”
Bill Siener, District Manager
State of California, Division of OSHA