Edwards AFB – Multiple UST Removal

Photos courtesy of Associated Press. Featuring MJK workers in published newspaper reports.

Project: MJK was awarded multiple contracts which ran approximately five (5) years to provide clean up and removal of underground fuel tanks around this highly active, 17 square mile military base in the California desert.

Challenge: This project presented numerous challenges including work performed on active runways, endangered species protection mitigation, unidentified buried cylinders pre-dating WWII, potential encounter with live munitions, worker exposure to environmental conditions, including inclement weather and potential hazardous contaminants, restricted security access, and logistical challenges due to the distance between work areas.

MJK Solution: Working with facility-designated personnel, MJK developed large scale logistical coordination of crews, equipment, and activities to best utilize resources, and maintain strict tracking of data relative to each tank location, and details of work performed.

We performed daily sweeps of the work areas and erected and maintained special fencing around our work to prevent entrance by the endangered desert tortoise.

Workers were constantly monitored to insure they were not exposed to contaminants during their work. We required all workers to participate in medical monitoring programs to monitor their general health throughout the project.

MJK is proud to have received special recognition from base personnel for their part in completion of this clean up two (2) years ahead of schedule.