Consolidated Car Rental

Project: This award winning 80 acre, $170 million facility, located 3 miles from McCarran International Airport represents one of the most convenient and advanced car rental centers in the nation. The goal of this facility was to position eleven (11) major car rental companies in one location to reduce traffic at the main terminal, eliminate the need for each company to operate and maintain its own shuttle fleet, and simplify the rental and return process for travelers. The fueling installation consisted of six separate facilities in three separate areas around the property, six (6) 30,000 underground fuel tanks and ninety-six (96) dual hose dispensers.

Challenge: The sheer size of this project and the coordination required with ongoing construction, multiple contractors and hundreds of workers made this project an exciting challenge for the staff and crew of MJK. Scheduling delivery of materials to the congested worksite, and timing of activities across the three project locations required precision and advanced planning. The encounter of hard rock material in the excavations presented the only real obstacle to progress.

MJK Solution: Working closely with suppliers, MJK performed frequent parts inventories and coordinated deliveries with projected scheduled events. MJK placed storage containers at the site to stage incoming materials and parts in a readily accessible location. Frequent meetings between all contractors working on the site assured that communication of activities was maintained at all times. MJK crews performed similar work at each location to minimize mobilizations in and out of the project, and create consistency of progress across all three locations. There are very few contractors who could handle the scope of this project. MJK is proud of this accomplishment.