Telecommunications Asbestos Abatement

Project: With technology advancements, this client found that many of their facilities were oversized for the new generation of equipment needed to provide their services, leaving empty space which could be repurposed. They wanted to make modifications to more than a dozen sites, but found that many sites contained asbestos-based materials which needed to be removed before these modifications could be started.

Challenge: As with any environmentally sensitive project, especially one which could adversely affect the health of hundreds of individuals, project safety was critical. With the scope encompassing over a dozen different facilities, and several locations within each facility, it was critical that MJK insure all employees and management personnel were fully aware of the potential hazards surrounding this work, and ensure that their health and safety was protected.

MJK Solution: MJK staff developed detailed work plans for each facility. Health and safety plans outlined the work, and safety measures required that no material escaped the work area, and that the areas were completely free of residual materials. In accordance with State and Federal law, notifications were made repeatedly in advance of work starting. Numerous postings were placed within the facility at all points where employees were located, and in all commonly used areas, as well as at all entrances to the facilities. All work was scheduled to occur during evening and weekend hours to protect the clients’ employees. Employing the services of an independent monitoring firm, and asbestos specialty contractors, MJK managed the work at all twelve facilities, completing the work on time, within budget, and most importantly, without a single accident or injury.