Telecommunications Data Center Development

Project: This project required the conversion of an existing three story commercial office space into a national data center providing internet related support services to much of the western United States.

Challenge: The challenge faced by MJK in this project was to completely remodel and convert existing space while the building was fully staffed without interrupting ongoing operations.

MJK Solution: MJK met with all employees to briefly review the work and schedule as it was to occur. We worked with designated representatives to insure that our activities were communicated throughout the various departments. By discussing the needs of the various displaced groups during the project, we worked to establish temporary services in transition areas to insure continued productivity. Oftentimes, to eliminate the impact to operations, we performed major systems cutovers at night or on weekends.

Due to internal matters which arose within the client’s organization, MJK was asked to provide property management services for one year after project completion. During this period, MJK managed janitorial services, pest control, minor repairs and maintenance services and leaseholder matters for the property.