Your projects receive MJK's personal touch, from the ground up! Our on-site experienced professional management works directly with you to bring about the best solution to a problem or prevent one from happening, without needless delays. This direct access to decisive management and prompt action has been a cornerstone of MJK's operations and is key to its continued success.

You become an integral part of the process as we work together to develop the highest quality, most cost effective solution to your project.


MJK is your leader in the storage tank replacement industry. MJK has installed and removed hundreds of underground and above ground storage tanks ranging from 100 gallons to 50,000 gallons in size. Installation projects have included a wide range of AST and UST applications.

You can count on our ability to safely and economically remove and install tanks with minimal impact to your operations. We understand the need to return your storage tank systems to normal operating conditions and work alongside you to ensure operations are least affected both in terms of downtime and cost.

  • Monitoring system design and installation
  • Corrosion Control
  • Complete storage tank installation/removal


Designing a construction project carefully and accurately from the beginning stages is the integral step to a smooth running and cost-efficient project. Architects and Mechanical Engineers depend on us for our design expertise and input on projects because of our diversity of experience and staying ahead of current compliance regulations.

You will never have to worry about addressing unforeseen design problems or costly reworking of design. By partnering with MJK Construction, Inc. fuel system designs at the start, complex compliance regulations will be met, allowing ongoing phases of the project to run most efficiently.


We take the mystery out of environmental construction projects —

MJK has been intricately involved in the environmental construction industry. Let us lead you through the process of regulations and industry standards. MJK has worked with the majority of national consulting firms on projects ranging from mercury removal to storm water runoff systems. We will make sure you comply with the numerous regulatory requirements that this work demands, including specialized health and safety, medical monitoring, respiratory protection, and hazardous materials training, etc

MJK Construction Inc. understands the discretion, expediency, and professionalism necessary in dealing with environmental issues. We provide you a single source for all construction needs - providing systems installations and removals, as well as the general building and earthwork often associated with this work, and installation of water treatment, vapor extraction and product recovery systems.

  • Soils remediation
  • Land Farming
  • Bioventing systems installation
  • Surface drainage/runoff collection systems installation


MJK Construction Inc. is involved on a local level with regulatory agencies and knows how various agencies work, how regulations affect our clients, and how to quickly address and resolve problems.

  • Regulatory filings
  • Citation resolution
  • Site information
  • Document management
  • Plans/specifications storage
  • Permit renewals
  • Agency liaison


Some of our most interesting projects have come to us as a result of our shoring capabilities. We have experience with soils ranging from free running sand to the hardest clays and cobbled riverbeds. We have experience in areas of high ground water and tidal influence, auto and pedestrian traffic, and public right-of-ways.

You can count on our knowledge of structures and construction methods, providing the ability to evaluate the project as a whole and develop the most cost effective and least invasive design.

We provide you with a complete shoring package - all shoring is placed and removed by in-house personnel. From the smallest trench to hillside stabilization, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with all your shoring needs.