Shoring Around Existing Structures

Project: Shore and excavate to expose existing fuel storage tanks as necessary to facilitate modifications to piping and tank top.

Challenge: Shoring around existing underground structures presents unique challenges. These challenges are compounded when the structures are made of fiberglass and contain 60,000 gallons of fuel. Work in the main access to a facility where 30 semi trucks pass by each day, then add in a four story parking structure within 10 feet of the excavation wall, and you have a real job on your hands.

MJK Solution: Precisely identifying the location of these tanks, constantly measuring and re-measuring, for tank deflection, and shoring materials deflection, and working in incremental steps, we installed shoring around this existing central plant area to provide support to the adjacent parking structure, and provide access to workers to reconfigure the tank top equipment and piping. Adjacent structures were monitored for movement, and access for deliveries was maintained at all times.