Telecommunications Restricted Access – Underground Tank Removal

Project: Regulatory changes required that an existing underground tank system be removed. Because the tank top was not covered by a structure, regulators would not allow abandonment in place.

Challenge: This tank was located on the peak of a 4,000+ foot mountain under the protection of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Without anticipation of future regulation changes, a new building had been erected in front of the tank, effectively cutting off all access to the tank location. An alternate access had to be established, however due to BLM restrictions, any alteration of the natural landscape had to be removed in its entirety, and the natural contours of the property restored.

MJK Solution: While other proposals suggested the infill and development of road access to the area, MJK proposed to designed and build a platform behind the building. After presentation of calculations of equipment working loads, MJK obtained approval for their proposal. Access to the tank was gained by placing excavation equipment on this platform to reach the tank location. MJK’s approach was estimated to have saved the tank owner over half a million dollars in addition to the cost of potential penalties and fines from the regulatory agency.