Federal Express – AST Fuel System Installation

Project: The owner wished to reduce the regulatory compliance efforts associated with underground fuel storage and optioned for an above ground tank system to supply fuel for its fleet fueling location. Challenge: Aboveground piping is usually protected by placement on adjacent structures; however this design required the piping to be supported mid-air between the AST and the […]

St. Jude Hospital Fire Water Supply and Brine Storage

Project: Needing additional capacity to provide water for the facility’s fire suppression system and brine water storage for the facility’s water treatment systems, MJK providing underground tank installations at this busy hospital. Challenge: Ongoing expansion of the medical facility created an extremely restricted work area, and required constant coordination with other trades and contractors working at the […]

Case Study: Warner Bros. Studios Fleet Fueling System Development

Project: The property owner wished to upgrade their existing fleet fueling system to provide more fueling points and meet current regulations. Challenge: The fueling facility was located among working studios where current sitcoms and feature films were being filmed. All work was required to cease during filming. In addition, the owners wanted to maintain their existing fuel […]

Deep Bury Underground Tank Top Modification

Project: Regulatory changes required that an existing underground tank system be upgraded with tank top to grade sump structure. Challenge: The existing tank was buried at -30’. Slope/benching excavation in accordance with OSHA regulations was not feasible due to the proximity of adjacent multi-story buildings. Due to the restricted property size and access, excavation utilizing typical shoring […]