MetroLink Design/Build-Public Mass Transit

Project: As part of the expansion of commuter rail service to the Inland Empire, development of local service facilities for rail equipment was needed. As part of this development, a high flow fueling system was necessary to support the facility.

Challenge: Due to the proximity of the proposed fueling system to haul routes, property lines, overhead high power lines, existing and planned underground utilities, and location of rail tracks, the work area and placement footprint for the fueling facility was severely restricted.

Further challenges to the project arose as a result of conflicts between existing state and local regulations and the projects needs. Existing regulations and state approval components are more applicable to lower flow fuel systems. MJK staff was required to meet with local agency representatives and speak with state agency representatives to resolve these conflicts.

Final challenges resulted in the unavailability of system components which would accommodate the large diameter piping required to meet flow requirements.

Outcome: MJK installed shoring to facilitate work in the restricted area, designed and built a multiple tank storage system combined with high volume pumping equipment to supply remote fuel cranes necessary to fuel the rail equipment. Our staff met with local agency representatives and spoke with state agency representatives to resolve the conflicts in the regulations. MJK worked with local manufacturers to design and develop the specialized components necessary to complete the project.