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Hospitals, Hotels, Telecommunications Emergency Generator Systems

The very nature of emergency backup generator systems is to provide life preserving support of operations to insure the continued safety of the public. We take our work very seriously in this arena because the reliability of our work may mean the difference between life and death of countless innocent individuals.

Over the past 20 years, MJK has served various emergency generator systems owners with professional design, remediation, regulatory compliance and installation services in support of their operations. With our experience encompassing a full range skills often needed to complete these installations, MJK is the most diverse contractor serving this sector with in-house capabilities. With most work in this arena requiring continuous, uninterrupted operation of critical systems, MJK has a long standing reputation for providing efficient and professional execution of our work without impacting these systems and minimizing disruption of general facility operations and maintaining our clients ‘productivity.

Whether providing backup power to telecommunications operations, hospitals, or guest-packed hotels, unfailing reliability of the emergency generator system in any given facility is an absolute requirement. MJK has designed and installed hundreds of emergency backup generator fueling systems throughout California and Nevada. Insuring that an on-going surgery is completed safely, that the lighted path from a multi-story building is maintained, or that critical communications are available during power outages, MJK takes immense pride in our work in this area.

MJK’s clients depend on our expertise to provide them with a system that is easily maintained, easy to operate, and above all, reliable. When critical operations count, our clients count on MJK.

Case Study: Telecommunications - Restricted Placement of UST


Project: The property owner was required to expand fuel capacity for this public utility in compliance with FCC regulation changes. The owner presented their system design to MJK who has experience handling complex projects.

Challenge: The property was not large enough to provide installation of the fuel storage tanks outside the existing building’s footprint. As the proposed new tank location was sited inside the building, the owner contracted MJK to perform the installation. Entry into the proposed area was restricted to the size of the existing roll up entry gate at 9 feet. Because the installation was to occur where building loads rested, the excavation would require shoring to insure structural stability of the multi-story building. The system designer had recommended a custom tank design to accommodate the entry point into the area. However, the installation method development was left to MJK’s expertise.

MJK Solution: MJK designed and installed the shoring taking into consideration the limited overhead height of 12 feet, and performed the installation by modifying existing equipment necessary to lift and set the shoring components. MJK worked with heavy equipment movers to assist in meeting our designs for the equipment needed to move the tank inside the building and placing it in the excavation. As reflected in the photographs, we cleared the opening with mere inches to spare. Extreme care was required to insure that no damage to the tank coating occurred during this process. MJK successfully completed the installation, again demonstrating our expertise in performing complex, intricate projects which require extreme caution, extraordinary attention to detail, and creative thinking and innovation.