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Commercial and Industrial Fueling/Product Storage

MJK provides complete concept development, design, construction, compliance, testing, service and maintenance services to its commercial and industrial fueling and product storage clients. We take pride in providing our clients with concept through compliance solutions in this highly regulated field of fuel and materials storage.

For over twenty (20) years, MJK has designed and installed hundreds of commercial and industrial storage tank systems including fueling for truck stop and fleet facilities, fire water storage for hotels, chemical storage for manufacturing, emergency fuel storage for backup generator systems at hotels and telecommunications facilities, aviation and locomotive fueling systems.

Our fueling and product storage clients rely upon our innovative ideas and professional solutions to assist them in the development of systems which are reliable, easy to maintain, and designed to provide years of continuous service. Contact us today and see how we can solve your greatest fueling and product storage challenges.

Deep Bury Underground Tank Top Modification


Project: Regulatory changes required that an existing underground tank system be upgraded with tank top to grade sump structure.

Challenge: The existing tank was buried at -30’. Slope/benching excavation in accordance with OSHA regulations was not feasible due to the proximity of adjacent multi-story buildings. Due to the restricted property size and access, excavation utilizing typical shoring with excavate/haul methods would have generated too much soil to stockpile on-site, or would cause a complete shutdown of facility operations by terminating access to the facility.

MJK Solution: MJK designed a caisson shoring method to minimize the area to be excavated, and simultaneously maintain access to the facility without endangering adjacent structures. MJK met with Cal-OSHA representatives to review the proposal and received approval for the method.

Through hand-excavation and the use of vacuum equipment, the soil was removed from within the caisson while pile-driving equipment was used to move the caisson deeper. With a risk of potentially driving the caisson through the underground tank, or potentially missing the critical tank-top area necessary for the upgrade, constant and precise measurements were taken throughout the driving operations to measure for depth, and deflection. Once the tank top area was reached, the upgrades were made, a sump to grade was installed, and the modifications approved by local regulatory agencies. Estimated cost savings to the client exceeded $250,000.00

Case Study: Warner Bros. Studios Fleet Fueling System Development


Project: The property owner wished to upgrade their existing fleet fueling system to provide more fueling points and meet current regulations.

Challenge: The fueling facility was located among working studios where current sitcoms and feature films were being filmed. All work was required to cease during filming.

In addition, the owners wanted to maintain their existing fuel management system and looked to MJK to identify compatible components which would integrate into this system.

MJK Solution: MJK scheduled work activities to maximize progress during non-filming times of the day, and worked closely with studio representatives to constantly update and maintain the schedule to insure that our operations would not impact their productivity.

In researching compatible components, MJK identified a card reader and dispenser system which would integrate seamlessly with the owners existing management systems, allowing them to maintain their data and implement their new system immediately.

Case Study: St. Jude Hospital Fire Water Supply and Brine Storage


Project: Needing additional capacity to provide water for the facility’s fire suppression system and brine water storage for the facility’s water treatment systems, MJK providing underground tank installations at this busy hospital.

Challenge: Ongoing expansion of the medical facility created an extremely restricted work area, and required constant coordination with other trades and contractors working at the site. Heavy congestion in the work areas required critical staging of needed materials, equipment and manpower.

MJK Solution: As a suggestion to maintain progress and minimize disruption to other contractors working in our area, MJK recommended that we perform all UST and shoring work simultaneously. MJK met regularly with other contractors to insure access issues and critical path items were communicated well in advance to allow coordination between all trades which led to increased productivity by all involved.

Federal Express - AST Fuel System Installation


Project: The owner wished to reduce the regulatory compliance efforts associated with underground fuel storage and optioned for an above ground tank system to supply fuel for its fleet fueling location.

Challenge: Aboveground piping is usually protected by placement on adjacent structures; however this design required the piping to be supported mid-air between the AST and the fuel island. Insuring the piping could not be damaged by errant vehicle traffic; additional protective devices were required to be installed.

MJK Solution: MJK fabricated pipe stands to provide support to the piping and shortened the recommended spacing on concrete filled bollards to insure the piping remained protected.